Grateful for The Lucky Roll: Exploring Ireland Review!

Ireland card game and box

Happy Families – Exploring Ireland Review

We are very excited, grateful and honoured to receive this brilliant Exploring Ireland review from the team at The Luck Roll! As this is our first game I have to admit that I was in equal parts nervous as I was excited to see the result.

When we started this journey to make a card game that celebrates the beauty and culture of Ireland, we put a lot of passion, creativity, and love for this wee country into every detail. Their review is a validation of all the hard work.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We’re very humbled by their kind words and absolutely thrilled to hear how much they enjoyed the game. We particularly love the mention of the banter, competitiveness, friendly needling and inside jokes created while playing.

It was our aim to create an experience that brings people together, makes fun memories and creates a bit of craic, comments like these affirm that we succeeded.

Thanks again to the wonderful folks at The Lucky Roll for their great review of our new card game, “Happy Families – Exploring Ireland.”