10 Unique and Fun Irish Christmas Gifts for Kids


Add a sparkle of Irish magic to your Christmas gifts this year with these wonderful and unique Irish gifts for kids. From games to books, this list of fabulous Irish-made presents are suitable for all ages and genders. 

No matter your background, whether you live in Ireland or abroad, are planning a visit, or just love the Emerald Isle, these fun children’s gifts are a brilliant way to discover more about Irish culture while supporting Irish businesses. 

1 Irish Fairy Tales and Legends

Irish fairy tales and legends are full of enchantment, brave deeds and lost loves. Told from generation to generation, they are as fascinating now as they were to their original listeners.

This wonderfully rich and varied collection are ten of the best-loved traditional Irish stories, retold by author and poet Una Leavy. The post of Gold captures the trickery and mischief of leprechauns; the story of Oisin in Tír na n-Óg marks the end of the great Fianna. From 2000 years ago comes The Children of Lir … all stories to be treasured for years to come.

Susan Field’s beautiful illustrations are inspired by ancient Celtic art and culture. They capture the wealth of tradition, the humour and the magic of these great stories.

2 Discovering Ireland Board Game


Bring the whole family together for a rowdy trip around the Emerald Isle – will you stop for tea and scones, take a wrong turning or meet cows in a narrow lane? Discovering Ireland is a great way to learn about the geography of Ireland.

Should you accept an invitation to the Dublin Horse Show? Has another player cunningly put road works in your way? Will you discover which town is nearest The Giant’s Causeway?

Laughter is guaranteed as everyone from school kids to grandparents are invited to unlock the secrets of this wonderful Island.

3 Map of Ireland Jigsaw as Gaeilge


This beautiful hand-crafted map of Ireland jigsaw puzzle, as Gaeilge, is a brilliant challenge for young and old alike. All 32 counties of Ireland are represented as separate interlocking wooden pieces with the name of each county written in Irish.

Hand-painted in vibrant colours, this jigsaw provides the perfect way for the whole family to learn about the island of Ireland in our native tongue. Though a traditional concept, it really is a modern classic.

4 Rónán and the Mermaid Saint – A Tale of Old Ireland


Marianne Mc Shane revisits the little-known legend of the Mermaid Saint in a haunting, beautifully illustrated tale of kindness, music and longing.

Long ago, on the eastern coast of Ireland, a monk from the Abbey of Bangor was collecting driftwood along the shore when he found a boy washed up amid a circle of seals. At first the boy could barely move or speak. But when he regained his strength, he recalled being brought ashore by a lady with long golden hair who sang him to safety and gave him a silver ring. The monks knew the legend of a mermaid who had wandered the coast for three hundred years. Could it possibly have been her? 

5 Scratchable Map of Ireland


With 62 of the best places to visit in Ireland, Scratchable Map Ireland is a unique souvenir and an eye-catching talking point when mounted.

The map contains the must-see places to visit throughout the 32 counties of the island. From castles to cliffs and museums to monuments, Ireland has it all.

  • -Visit the passage tomb at Newgrange that is older than the pyramids of Egypt.
  • -Ride Europe’s largest wooden roller coaster at Tayto Park.
  • -Drink a pint of the black stuff at the home of Guinness in its Dublin brewery.
  • -Climb the 618 steps of the wild island of Skellig Michael to visit its 6th century monastery.

Scratch off the attractions that you have visited to reveal beautiful hand-drawn pictures, then use the map to plan you next adventure!

6 St. Brigid and Other Amazing Irish Women


Ireland is the land of saints and scholars, but how many of them were women?

Lorraine Mulholland has penned an encyclopedia of Irish women from all walks of life who made a place for themselves in the annals of history as saints, scholars, healers and more! Staying true to the original stories as much as mythic and folkloric influences would allow, Lorraine aims the tales at young readers interested in learning about Old Ireland and its female heroes.

Interactive chapter ends where readers are posed questions to build their understanding of these figures and their adventures make this book appealing in home or educational settings. Accompanied by riveting illustrations, the book is a must-have for budding Irish readers with an interest in history, mythology and folklore.

7 Irish Fairy Doors


The handcrafted wooden fairy doors from The Irish Fairy Door Company are made and decorated in Ireland, sprinkled with a little magic and ready for your fairy to move in!

Each fairy door comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Family/Fairy Lease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the Fairy Welcome Guide. All you need to help settle your fairy into their new human home, but you can also add a range of accessories and decorations that will transform your fairy’s home!

8 Linkilonk


Inspire your child’s creativity and imagination with hands-on activities that help your child discover Ireland’s beautiful landmarks.

A Linkilonk activity tube is perfect for children aged 4+ and celebrates Ireland through creativity, wildlife and beautiful locations in Ireland.  The durable, fully recyclable cardboard tube of fun contains a poster, colouring pages, activity sheets, stickers and plenty of crafty ideas!

9 Irelandopedia by John Burke and Fatti Burke


Get ready to go on an exciting adventure around Ireland with Irelandopedia! Unleash your imagination and sense of adventure as you discover Ireland like you’ve never seen it before!

Armchair travellers of any age will be totally absorbed by Fatti Burke’s detailed illustrations and her father John’s fabulous facts, which can be discovered on every page.

Spot the ghosts in Dunluce Castle. Can you find the vanishing lake? Eat a blaa in Waterford and a yellowman in Antrim. Travel to the highest peak and the smallest harbour — even discover which county Elvis Presley’s ancestors were from!

Go fact-hunting and collect knowledge, county by county, until you have an Irelandopedic knowledge yourself!

10 Happy Families – Exploring Ireland


Last, but by no means least, we have our very own Happy Families – Exploring Ireland. The perfect family-friendly card game that combines entertainment, education and exploration in one exciting package. Get ready to sharpen your observation and memory skills as you collect all the cards in a family and then as many families as possible. 

Learn about Ireland’s seven ‘family’ groupings: Cities, Landmarks, Food, Music, Traditions, Mythology, and Symbols

Immerse yourself in the vibrant illustrations that capture the essence of Ireland’s famous landmarks, culture, and ancient mythology. Impress your family and friends with the knowledge you gain from the information booklet

Educational and emotional benefits: improve communication, observation, and memory skills while fostering appreciation for different cultures and traditions

Wrapping up the Irish Christmas gifts for kids

We hope you love these great ideas for Irish Christmas gifts for kids. If you’re chatting to the businesses, make sure to tell them you heard about them on happy Clan! ; )