Exploring Ireland: Learn English with ‘Happy Families’ Card Game

Mythology Cards from Exploring Ireland card Game

Welcome to a journey where the cultural exploration of Ireland meets English learning—introducing “Happy Families – Exploring Ireland.” This captivating card game has proven to be a gem to learn English in language teaching classrooms, seamlessly blending language acquisition with the rich tapestry of Irish culture. Let’s delve into why this resource is a game-changer for educators.

Why ‘Happy Families – Exploring Ireland’ to learn English?

box of Happy Families – Exploring Ireland

Cultural Immersion

The game provides an immersive experience in Irish culture, offering students a real-world context for language learning. As they engage with the cards, students not only enhance their language skills but also develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for Irish traditions, landmarks, and symbols.

Interactive Language Practice

The game’s structure encourages students to actively use English in a dynamic and engaging format. Through turn-taking and requesting specific cards, students practice conversational English, enhancing both vocabulary and communication skills.

Adaptability for Varied Proficiency Levels

Whether you have beginners or advanced learners in your class, “Happy Families -Exploring Ireland” is a versatile resource. With seven diverse families covering cities, landmarks, food, mythology, music, traditions, and symbols, educators can tailor lessons to meet specific language objectives and proficiency levels.

Extension Activities

The game doesn’t stop at cards. Engage students further with extension activities like storytelling and research projects. These activities not only reinforce language skills but also promote creativity and critical thinking.

Lesson Plan: “Exploring Ireland Through Language”

To enhance English language skills through cultural immersion and interactive practice using “Happy Families – Exploring Ireland.”


  • “Happy Families Exploring Ireland” card game
  • Whiteboard/flip chart
  • Markers
  • Internet access for research projects
Cities cards from Happy Families-Exploring Ireland

Lesson Outline:

1. Introduction (15 minutes):

  • Introduce the game, its families, and the cultural aspects they represent.
  • Discuss the unique language learning features, such as turn-taking and card requests.

2. Game Play (30 minutes):

  • Distribute cards to students.
  • Explain the goal: Collect complete families by asking for specific cards.
  • Encourage students to communicate in English during the game.

3. Group Discussion (15 minutes):

  • Have students discuss their favorite cards and share interesting facts about Irish culture.
  • Use open-ended questions to promote conversation.

4. Storytelling Activity (20 minutes):

  • Ask students to create short stories using the cards they’ve collected.
  • This promotes language creativity and reinforces vocabulary.

5. Research Projects (30 minutes):

  • Assign students specific families or cards to research.
  • Presentations can include additional information about landmarks, traditions, etc.

6. Conclusion (10 minutes):

  • Discuss key takeaways from the game and activities.
  • Emphasize the connection between language learning and cultural understanding.
Mythology cards from Happy Families Exploring Ireland

“Happy Families – Exploring Ireland” not only adds an exciting dimension to language learning but also transforms your classroom into a vibrant hub of cultural exploration. With its adaptability, interactive nature, and extension activities, this resource is more than a game—it’s a gateway to language proficiency and cross-cultural appreciation.

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Happy teaching and exploring the beauty of Ireland through language! 🌍📚