Happy Families Exploring Ireland Card Game

“Happy Families – Exploring Ireland” Card Game

Playing gets you everywhere!

A traditional game with a cultural twist. Sharpen your observation, memory skills and winning ways by collecting all the cards in a family, then as many families as possible.

A great way to learn about the rich natural and cultural heritage that Ireland has to offer through its seven ‘family’ sets: Cities, Landmarks, Food, Music, Traditions, Mythology and Symbols.

Each card is a deceptively simple gateway into the profound world of Irish mythology, folklore and adventure providing secret truths and ancient cures for the future. 

Impress your family and friends with the knowledge offered by each card in the information booklet included.

A card game with numerous educational and emotional benefits for the whole family to enjoy and learn from together.

Number of players 2-5. Ages 5-99

€17.99 EUR

your “Happy Families – Exploring Ireland” Card Game!