Newgrange, located in the Boyne Valley in county Meath, is a large circular mound dating back over 5000 years to the Neolithic period. It has one of the most impressive and well-preserved stone passageway tombs in the world. The remarkable archeological site holds immense historical and cultural significance.

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The massive stone structure is adorned with beautiful and intricate megalithic art. It houses a central chamber with a unique roof-box opening that aligns with the rising sun during the winter solstice. This alignment allows the sunlight to enter, flood the passageway and dramatically illuminate the chamber. The sight evokes a mesmerizing sense of wonder and spirituality.


The site was likely a place of astrological, spiritual, religious and ceremonial importance and it stands as a testament to Ireland’s early inhabitants.

To witness this incredible sight you can apply for tickets through a lottery system or watch from the outside of the mound around the solstice in December.

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