St. Brigid’s Cross

The St. Brigid’s Cross is a distinctive Irish symbol associated with St. Brigid, one of Ireland’s patron saints. She was a remarkable figure in early Irish Christianity, known for her compassion, piety, and dedication to helping the poor and the sick.

She embodied the ideals of hospitality and generosity and played a significant role in spreading Christianity across Ireland.

St. Brigid’s Cross card from Exploring Ireland game

St. Brigid’s Crosses are traditionally made from rushes and typically woven into a distinctive four-armed design. The four arms are tied at the end and meet in a woven patterned square in the middle.

These beautiful crosses are made on her feast day, the 1st of February. This day was also formerly celebrated as Imbolc which marked the beginning of Spring in the pagan calendar.

St. Brigid’s Crosses serve as a symbol of protection and are usually hung in homes to ward off evil and ensure good fortune.

In a significant development, Ireland declared St. Brigid’s Day, as a national holiday for the first time in 2023. This recognition reflects the enduring importance of St. Brigid in Irish culture and history.