The Uilleann Pipes

The uilleann pipes, known as the national bagpipe of Ireland, possess a hauntingly melodic and expressive quality. The uniquely Irish instrument has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts for generations.

Uilleann Pipes card from Exploring Ireland game

To play the instrument, the player uses their right elbow to squeeze bellows and pump air into a bag under the players’ left elbow. This supplies air at a constant pressure to the chanter, drones and regulators. The chanter is used to create the notes and is played like a tin whistle.

Most influential players of the Uilleann Pipes

Willie Clancy is a legendary figure in Irish traditional music who possessed amazing talents. He contributed significantly to the uilleann pipes’ revival and inspired countless players with his unparalleled skill and soulful renditions. He initiated one of the biggest traditional Irish music and dance summer schools in Ireland. Willie week takes place in Miltown Malbay, County Clare every year.

Liam O’Flynn, stands out as one of the true masters of the instrument. He elevated its status and popularity through his virtuosity and collaborations. He played and recorded with renowned musicians such as Kate Bush, Mark Knopfler, the Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris, Mike Oldfield, and Sinéad O’Connor.

Liam O’Flynn

Paddy Moloney, was a founding member of The Chieftains. He played a pivotal role in bringing Irish music, to a global audience and preserving its authenticity. He is particularly associated with the revival of the uilleann pipes.

In the contemporary scene, Cillian Vallely has earned accolades for his innovative approach to uilleann piping. He blends tradition with contemporary influences and continues to expand the instrument’s horizons.

These influential uilleann pipers have contributed immeasurably to the preservation and evolution of Irish music, cementing the uilleann pipes’ significance as a symbol of Ireland’s rich musical heritage.